Welcome to memories revisited Club – Online Short Story on parents, submitted by you

I am Pritam Singh Obi, a father, grandfather, and a retired banker, decided to start a digital library for the memories of our parents and siblings. Whatever we share today will be passed on to the next generation and so on, only if we convey stories to them through digital media and they also write their interaction with present outgoing our generation.
After completion of my college, I wanted to join the army but due to my motorcycle accident, where I broke my left leg, I could not join. Who will take someone in the army with a limping leg? Then I joined the bank and successfully retired.
Memories revisited
Some say” Reaching retirement is a blessing and a curse”.I have different thoughts. I think I get a sense of relief that I will finally get to live the way that I want to.it’s important to remember that life after retirement can be anything that I want it to be. I have earned the freedom to chart my own course.
But, with freedom comes responsibility. I know no one is going to tell me how to get the most from life after 60. It’s up to me to decide which passions to pursue, which people to have in my life, and which places to visit.
My long pending passion was to learn website designing and blogging. I have been doing this for a long and now it has culminated in this website where we can express our feelings, interactions, incident with our parents.
Please submit your stories for collection in one place in digital form.
The stories so submitted will not be sold anywhere. My website is not affiliation to make money. My website is fully secured.
I am available at “[email protected]
Pritam Singh Obi