This is true that children, male or female, are not meant for deriving an advantage. Also, I don’t know if there is an advantage of having a daughter over having a son but having a daughter, in any case, is very good. But I have heard that girls push all boundaries to achieve things that make their parents proud. Our elders say having daughters is just wonderful.

When I look back in my family tree, I find my father were all brothers only, no sister. We are all brothers no sister. I have two sons but no daughter.No daughter in three generations. It appears as we were not competent to handle a daughter/sister. I heard that “a daughter is a beautiful hand made creation by God”.

Finally, God smiled on us and both my sons have daughters. I was blessed to become the grandfather of two granddaughters. closeness is one of the strongest predictors of a close relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. But for reasons beyond my control, I have geographic distance from them for half of the year, every year. Although there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction, technology has made it easier to build a relationship with my granddaughters, across the miles. Despite video calls and the ability to travel back to see a grandparent on special occasions, these types of interactions do limit the quality of the relationship between me and my granddaughters.

Here I am reproducing my first letter to my granddaughters:

Dear young Ladies

This is your Dadu,

You are a wonderful gift of God to the family. You carry the legacy of our family, on your tender shoulders. You have to pursue your hopes and dreams, no matter, how difficult they may be. You don’t have to live in the shadows of people’s judgment. Make your choices in the light of your wisdom and discuss your decisions with your family. People don’t do what they want or should do because of what they imagine others may think or say (log kya khe ge).

 You have to be careful and thoughtful about how you present yourself to the world. You have to learn how to interact with people so that nobody can take advantage of you. You must work hard to make your life as beautiful as you will dream and remember ‘King may rule the Kingdom but it is the queen who moves the board”.

I may or may not be with you when you will understand this letter, but I hope this letter of mine will inspire you. 

Your Dadu

Pritam Singh Obi

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