So National Lockdown was declared in India, effective from 12 am on March, 20, till April 14, 20 in typical style “आज रात 12 बजे से”.But it never affected me, as I am a loaner and never go out for anything.

I have my own Lakshman Rekha up to the main gate of my apartment.Contrary to this, I was excited as now no-cook, caretaker, gardener, dhobi will be coming in the coming month. Gates of our society were locked and no guest/relative was allowed.No Kamwali (maids). Our gates were opened only when four doctors living in apartments were visiting for casual talks.

Lockdown Time Table -Insolent Year 2020

I drew up my timetable and divided my time for all types of works. Gardening I was already doing so no issue. I was very interested to start cooking for myself. I fixed one bag on my front gate where the vegetable vendor will leave vegetables, ordered through phone. One sanitizer bottle was stationed near my doorbell. Whenever anyone rang the bell, I will sanitize it and also the gate.With great enthusiasm, I started my cooking, reading from different blogs.

In the first three days, I learnt, what was not mentioned anywhere. I found दूध बहुत बततमीज है. When boiling it, keep a constant eye on it. But if not cared, it gets angry and will spill out.Then I started playing 20,20 match with milk. When It started coming up I will hold the gas knob and allow it to come to the brim. Milk was very happy that it will spill, but in time I will turn the gas knob off and it has to go back. I didn’t win all times, some times lost also.

The laborers now called Pravasi were in shock due to the sudden lockdown.Actually, this lockdown was not preceded by any official planning, leading to large scale movement of the urban poor as they headed for their homes in rural areas.
   फ़ासले तय किये हज़ारों मील के
   कुछ साइकिल पर,कुछ पैर नंगे
   मरे कई भूख से, और कई धूप से
   पर हिम्मत ना टूटी बड़ों के झूठ से

Insolent Year 2020
Insolent Year 2020
Insolent Year 2020

Migrant Labour-Insolent Year 2020​

जिन घरों को इन्होंने बनाया.बसाया ,बहा से आवाज़ नहीं आई कि रूक जायो

After seven days I was tired of this fu—ng job of cooking. I asked my doctor friend, living next door, to arrange a pass for my cook cum caretaker lady. I managed it the next day and I got it delivered to her through my society guard. Ultimately she was there with a lockdown pass and society permission. 

I had set pandemic protocol rules for her and she is observing till today.

A recent study shows why there were minimum cases in the labor class and maximum in the middle and upper class. This labor class has more exposure to various types of viruses and thus their immunity to fight is more than other classes. In my servent’s colony till today there is not even a single case of the corona.

Meanwhile, I heard that coronavirus can stick to clothes and can be infectious. My caretaker was hanging clothes outside for drying. As soon as the third lockdown was lifted and e-commerce sites were allowed to do business, I ordered for cloth dryering machine.

There were anxious moments when corona cases were rising, second wave and coming down, etc.TV was the best source of information. My newspaper was stopped from the start of the first lockdown and I never wanted it again. 

As of today I feel India did best of it in handling pendemic and we are in better position as compared to rest of world.

मिल जाए ग़र वक़्त की किताब 
मैं 2020 का पन्ना ही फाड़ दू 

Pritam Singh Obi

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