My father was my hero when I was young. I was born in a village and had my elementary schooling days there. My father was tall and had a big mustache. He was fair and handsome too. In those days I used to walk along with him holding his hands. I was his favorite son.

Since we were in a village, we were known to everyone. My father was working in LIC and used to go by cycle to his office in the nearby town.
Salary day was a special day for us as he used to bring some sweets on that day. Mostly he used to bring the soan papdi which I liked very much. Once there was an inauguration of a bus service to our village and he took me to the bus stand. He was the main person there and I remember enjoying that function.

I always looked upon him as one who will help me on all occasions. I used to complain to him about my friends if someone gives trouble in school. When I grew old I learned from him that honesty is the best policy. This I am still continuing in all spheres of life. This has given me the utmost satisfaction in my work life.

When I completed my schooling he took me to the college for admission and was very happy that his son will become a graduate. He was also very happy when I got an appointment at the Bank.

Fragile health of my father

His health was very fragile but he lived longer than his brothers and sisters. He had some kind of psychological problem that was pestering him for a long time. We tried so many doctors and other non-conventional methods. This could be cured after a long time when we moved into Mumbai.

He was very fond of children and believed in the joint family system. He helped his many relatives and was fondly remembered by many of our relatives. He likes to sing Carnatic music and he had a good voice also.

He was God-fearing and had no bad habits. I still remember that when he tried boozing and made a mess of everything.

I am very happy that I could take care of him after his retirement and he mostly stayed with me. Whenever I was transferred I used to take my parents also along with me. Overall I had a good association with my father and hope that I will also be a good father for my daughters


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