New Streaming App Ryddm

We came across you and decided that we should reach out to give you the opportunity to try out our new audiovisual streaming app before we release it to the general public. Ryddm is a hybrid of IG and Spotify- and allows you to view entertaining content, discover new music, and even become an influencer yourself! The best part, it’s 100% FREE to listen. Ditch your streaming platform today.

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Ryddm Marketing

Ryddm, the future of music marketing. A streaming platform, a social network, a marketing hub- all in one convenient location. Ryddm solves music marketing and allows emerging artists a place to thrive.

There are more than 1.5 million ‘recording-stage’ musicians, many of which have exceptional talent. According to Next Big Sound, over 90% remain undiscovered. 

Big streaming platforms claim that they have measures in place to help artists get their music heard, but never deliver on their promises. Why? because every time you stream a song, they need to pay out a royalty to artists, losing revenue.

Ryddm is here to fix that. Ryddm provides a platform for artists to thrive. If you publish a song on Ryddm, there is an exceptional chance for your music to be heard by a massive amount of listeners.  Ryddm disrupts a bad business model, and helps listeners find the hottest new songs, while promoting artists to grow and flourish.

This app’s development is fully funded and over half way done, and is seeking funds for marketing and operations only!