Good majority of Indians live through out their life with a psychological fear of God…. They fear that if they can not keep God on their side, something can go wrong any moment in their life. Long queues of people outside Temples, Gurudwaras and Masjids is testimony to the above.

 However, the moment people come out from these places after going through the usual rituals inside ( making prayers, making promises not to sin, seeking blessings for materialistic gains, making monetary offerings, reciting bhajans  etc) they forget every thing  and get involved in their routines, including committing crimes/  white collar crimes , breaking law, business related cheatings/ rivalries, behaving badly with fellow beings etc….

Ever increasing number of crimes of all sorts in India is also a testimony to our double standards in this matter. We do not realize that we do not need to fear God if we do not get involved in such  practices which are harmful to humanity, society and our country.

We must understand the difference between fearing the God and believing in the God 🙏


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